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About Galson

How We Do Business

For 40 years, Galson Laboratories has provided analytical labouratory testing services to the industrial hygiene, occupational health and safety, and environmental industries. Today, we concentrate our efforts solely on air analysis. The distinction of the "Largest Air-only IH Lab in the World", allows us to offer an unsurpassed concentration of professional talent, experience and labouratory resources specifically to those requiring industrial hygiene air testing, mold testing and analysis.

We continue to stake our reputation on a relentless effort to satisfy our clients. To this end, over the last 10 years we have added new services, client-focused programs and industry professionals so every base is covered. With Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH) and a dedicated, experienced technical and administrative staff, we will help you look at "the big picture" and find the optimal monitoring solution for your specific situation. This may result in traditional labouratory analysis, using our renowned FreePumpLoan and/or FreeSamplingBadges programs or providing a field monitoring solution through our equipment rental program. We're always striving to provide whatever is most valuale to our client.

Our Vision:

To be recognized as the global leaders in providing the means to obtain data for the protection of workers in the industrial hygiene, environmental health, and safety fields.

Our Mission:

We will provide industrial hygiene, environmental health, and safety professionals with the most effective means to obtain data to protect people from hazardous exposures. We will provide this on time with unmatched service, quality and integrity while continuously improving and innovating our processes and services for the good of our clients.

Our Guiding Principles

QUALITY comes first.

To achieve customer satisfaction, the quality of our services must be our highest priority.

Total CLIENT RESPONSIVENESS is our way of life.

Everything we do is for our client. Everyone must realize the client's needs and work with the client in mind. Total client responsiveness begins with the first contact: professional, prompt, and friendly. It continues by supplying a quality product that meets or exceeds the client's expectations and by communicating during and after completion of the project. The return of a satisfied customer is the key to our success.

IMPROVEMENT and INNOVATION are essential to our success.

Improvement and innovation require an environment where failure in an attempt to innovate is rewarded equally with success. To champion new ideas is the pathway to surpassing our competition. We must work as a team to find areas for improvement, examine potential solutions quickly, and implement them quickly. We must monitor results and adjust quickly, building on past failures as a foundation for future successes.

PEOPLE are our most valued asset.

Our people set us above our competition. We must believe in and respect the individual. We must acknowledge the outstanding efforts of our people and promote their health by providing a safe and healthful work environment, rewarding pay, and benefits to meet their needs.

TRAINING and EDUCATION are the key to our future.

Individual achievement stems from knowledge. We must develop and nurture that knowledge by providing the facilities, materials, and opportunity for individual growth. We must identify and promote training in the areas critical to our success. We must provide support of educational growth through personal and professional recognition of accomplishments.

COMMUNICATION benefits everyone.

Employees thrive in an atmosphere where the free exchange of ideas and feelings flourishes. Questions, discussion and feedback are encouraged to meet our goals and to increase cooperation, promote understanding, and enhance the quality and timeliness of decision making.

INTEGRITY is never compromised.

We must be honest and open with everyone we deal with. If an error is made, we must communicate the issue and strive to rectify it. We must conduct ourselves in a manner that is socially responsible and which commands respect for our character in the hygiene, health and safety field.


As professionals in the hygiene, health and safety field, we have the responsibility and ability to positively affect our environment through our actions. We must focus our attention on those areas of greatest concern to the community, the company, and the world. We must take a proactive role in involving ourselves in public and private activities that foster environmental consciousness.


We recognize that earning a profit is a prerequisite for achieving our objectives.

SAFETY is paramount.

We are committed to the highest level of safety by ensuring safe and healthy working conditions for all employees (permanent and temporary), visitors, contractors and other stakeholders.

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