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About Galson

Meet Our Staff

Galson Laboratories' chemists, hygienists and technicians are well versed in a wide range of analytical methods and the specific requirements of various regulations and agency protocols and we're here to help!

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Joe Unangst
Mary Unangst
Kevin Kuppel
Bill Crowley
Ron McMahan
Edward Stuber CIH
Bill Walsh CIH
Stephanie Scibilia
Timothy Quinn
Pam Weaver
Jim Trainer CIH
Charlene Moser
Tonya Lancaster
John Bailey
Caroline Hudson
Bridgett Honeycutt
Patricia Gregorich
Nicole Tormey
Katrina Ahchong
Gale Peterson
Art Graf
Vu Nguyen
Lisa Swab
Denise MacDuff
Katie Drogo
Michael Jordan
Kyle Kaelin
Jane Cole
Ron Fillhart
Brian Behsman
Mark Rossler
Tom Unangst
Lindsey Dryja
Joanne White
Lisa Bell-Miller
Kelsey Harvey
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