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Equipment Rentals

Ambient Air Analyzer

Galson Foxboro MIRAN SapphIRE contains a library list of over 163 compounds for you to customize your sampling strategy.

Foxboro MIRAN SapphIRe

The MIRAN SapphIre XL offers optimal measurement capabilities for high-end users who need to measure a wide variety or mixed atmosphere of gases. It contains over 120 single gas applications with customization capability ideal for consultants, industrial hygienists, regulatory agencies, research scientists, and emergency response professionals.

There is an additional charge for Galson to download your data which is $25 for up to 5 units, $50 for 6-10 units and $75 for 11-15 units.

NOTE: Formaldehyde range is 0.5 - 10ppm ONLY. It cannot be used in ppb units.

This instrument is rated as intrinsically safe.

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  • One Day500.00
  • One Week1,250.00
  • One Month2,820.00
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