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Equipment Rentals


Galson Holaday EMF/RF/MICROWAVE meters are portable and offer effortless operation for a variety of applications.

Holaday 3627 3-Axis ELF Magnetic Field Meter

The HI-3627 provides true isotropic ELF magnetic field measurement capability in a low cost. Easy to use, accurate meter. Its wide dynamic range makes it extremely useful in many applications.

This instrument is NOT rated as intrinsically safe.

  • One Day70.00
  • One Week210.00
  • One Month630.00
Spec Sheet
Holaday 4416 Broadband RF Meter

The Holaday HI-44xx series probes are a family of magnetic and electric field probes designed for a variety of RF detection applications. The unit comes with 2 probes: HI-4433-HCH frequency response 5MHz to 300MHz and HI-4433-MSE frequency response 500kHz to 5.0GHz.

This instrument is NOT rated as intrinsically safe.

  • One Day170.00
  • One Week600.00
  • One Month1,650.00
Spec Sheet
Holaday 1501 Microwave Survey Meter

The Holaday HI-1501 provides accuracy and portability for widespread use by oven manufacturers, service technicians, regulatory agencies and public health officials. The HI-1501 is virtually immune to failure caused by excessive fields. Three ranges are available for increased resolution in microwave oven leakage measurement.

This instrument is NOT rated as intrinsically safe.

  • One Day45.00
  • One Week150.00
  • One Month445.00
Spec Sheet
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