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Equipment Rentals

Indoor Air Quality

Galson indoor air quality (IAQ) meters are great for many different applications and businesses. They provide versatile and accurate readings for temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide (CO), and carbon dioxide (CO2).

TSI Q-Trakā„¢ IAQ Monitor

The Q-TRAK offers hand-held monitoring with simultaneous measurements for CO, CO2, temperature and humidity, all within a single probe. This easy-to-use, air quality instrument provides real-time measurements and can log data unattended over an extended period of time.

There is an additional charge for Galson to download your data which is $25 for up to 5 units, $50 for 6-10 units and $75 for 11-15 units.

This instrument is NOT rated as intrinsically safe. 

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  • One Day75.00
  • One Week225.00
  • One Month675.00
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