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Equipment Rentals


Galson light meters are a cost effective way to determine the light quality in many areas. They are light weight and measure in lux or footcandle depending upon the model chosen.

Extech SDL400 Light Meter

Instrument displays and stores light meter readings in thee ranges: 2,000/20,000/100,000 LUX or Foot candels from the supplied domed light sensor. The meter automatically ranges light meter measurements and the light sensor spectrum meets C.I.E.

Logged data readings are stored on a SD card or transfer to a PC.

This instrument is NOT rated as intrinsically safe.


  • One Day35.00
  • One Week105.00
  • One Month335.00
Testo Light Meter

Perform fast and easy light intensity measurements with the Testo Light Meter. Because the sensor is as sensitive to light as the human eye, measurements can be made to address comfort and fatigue concerns that affect productivity and safety. A large, easy-to-read LCD displays measurements in lux or footcandle.

This instrument is NOT rated as intrinsically safe. 

  • One Day35.00
  • One Week105.00
  • One Month335.00
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