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March 23rd, 2016

We've Relocated our Canada Office


SGS Galson will begin relocating its Canada office over the course of the next week. Sample pick up and drop-offs can be made at our new location as early as Tuesday, March 15th, 2016.

The move will not affect client requests for pumps and media and/or analyses. As always, we will continue to deliver the highest quality data possible while ...
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February 26th, 2016

We've Lowered Our LOQs on a Number of Analytes

Our Sampling and Analysis Guide was updated to lower the Limit of Quantitation (LOQ) for the following:

·         Carbon Black by OSHA ID-196 from 1.0mg to 0.7mg

·         Fluoride, gaseous by NISOH 7902 from 5.3ug to 2.1ug

·         Fluoride, total particulate by NIOSH 7902 from 5.0ug  to 2.0ug

·         Fluoride, soluble particulate by NIOSH 7902 from 5.0ug to 2.1ug

In addition, Ammonia by in-house method WET-SOP-18 collected by Radiello ha...
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February 8th, 2016

SGS EHS Welcomes National Business Development Manager, Steve Bews, to its Canadian Operations

As SGS Galson Laboratories continues to grow as part of the SGS Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) family, it only makes sense that we want to be very sure we are reaching and helping health and safety professionals everywhere we can.

To this end, we recently welcomed Steve Bews as the National Business Development manager under this joint EHS community, to its Canadian operations. Wherever you are across Canada, Steve can make sure your environmental, health and safety analysis needs are met.

Steve has extensive experience as a results-oriented, highly adaptable, bilingual sales leader with a passion for creating and developing relationships at all levels ...
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February 3rd, 2016

Steve Winiecki, SGS Advocate and Gentleman Calls it a Career

After a long and successful career in the industrial hygiene lab market, Steve Winiecki has retired after 15 years of spreading the word about SGS Galson’s quality laboratory services and endearing all he met with his friendly and caring disposition.

Steve helped develop markets, generate sales and maintain client satisfaction for SGS Galson. He was also the face of the company at national, regional and local conferences and trade shows.

“Steve was a tremendous asset to the SGS Galson team and he’ll always remain a friend”, Joe Unangst, SGS Vice President, US Environment, Health & Safety, said. It&r...
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February 3rd, 2016

We've Added MDHS 14/4 To Our Scope of Accreditation

SGS Galson Laboratories has added Methods for the Determination of Hazardous Substances (MDHS) 14/4 to our scope of accreditation. MDHS consists of a series of books published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) of the United Kingdom.

MDHS 14/4 specifically discusses inhalable particulate collection and analysis using IOM samplers, which were designed by the Institute of Occupational Medicine in the UK. At SGS Galson Laboratories, we do an increasing amount of inhalable dust analysis in gravimetric techniques and are beginning t...
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