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News + Events

Annual AIHA Party

We'll do our best to say "hi" to everyone at this year's party but if we aren't able to, please say "hi" to us. We're glad you decided to come to the party and we appreciate your business and ongoing support.

Galson Employees Attending

Joe Unangst

Vice President Industrial Hygiene

Phillip Rooney


Mary Unangst

Vice President Operations/Laboratory Director

Bill Crowley

Human Resources Manager

Edward Stuber CIH

Business Development Manager, CIH

Bill Walsh CIH

Business Development Manager, CIH

Pam Weaver

Client Service Manager

Katrina Ahchong

Client Service Representative

Dan Pastuf

Section Supervisor (GCMS) and Organic Manager

Michael Jordan

Section Supervisor HPLC/IC

Kyle Kaelin

Section Supervisor (XRD)

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