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Valentine Day’s Puzzler to Swoon Over

Submit your solution by March 1, 2011 and you’ll receive a great Galson prize. Solutions can be emailed to or faxed to 315-437-0571. Good Luck!

Last Valentine's Day, five men got together to discuss what to buy their wives. They all decided on different presents, and they all wrapped them in different colored paper. Can you figure out which man bought which gift for whom and what color the wrapping paper was?

  1. Either Nick or Chris gave Amy or Stephanie a gift in green wrapping paper.
  2. The book was wrapped in either silver or red. Either Sean or Nick gave Tracey or Stephanie the flowers.
  3. Either Amy or Kaitlyn received the ring wrapped in blue or red paper.
  4. Either Dave or Nick gave Melanie a gift wrapped in blue or gold.
  5. The ring or the scarf was given to Amy by Nick or Dave.
  6. Matt gave a present wrapped in silver or gold to either Kaitlyn or Stephanie.
  7. Either Nick or Chris gave Kaitlyn the gift wrapped in silver or blue.

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