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Ed Stuber, CIH, Travels the World Taking His Knowledge to Malaysia, China and India

Edward A. Stuber, CIH, Monitoring Solutions Consultant for Galson Laboratories, was recently selected to make three industrial hygiene-related presentations in Malaysia, China and India.

“It’s always exciting to teach and share ideas with international colleagues,” said Stuber. “As an instructor I am able to not only teach, but gain valuable insight from students during the course.”

In July, Ed traveled to Kuala Lumpur and Shanghai with Kevin Kuppel, Executive Vice President and CFO, to help teach the course “Measurement of Hazardous Substances.”

The goal of the course was to provide attendees with a sound understanding of the techniques for identifying and assessing exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace. It also assisted with understanding how exposure information can be used to assess heath risks. In addition to the teaching duties, Ed had the opportunity to meet with the Malaysian NIOSH staff and the Malaysian DOSH (equivalent of US OSHA) as well as the US consulates for commercial interests in both countries.

“This was my first time in any of these countries — so I was a little worried about how I would be received. The students were very hospitable and made me feel at home. It was a pleasure instructing these eager future hygienists.”

In October 2010, Ed was part of an AIHA sponsored 4-day Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene course in India.  This first-time ever international educational initiative was offered to participants from across the region along with representatives from Indian Occupational Health and Safety Organizations. During the course, participants gained exposure to the broad field of IH through sampling and workshop sessions, hands-on lab experiences, demonstration sessions, and problem-solving exercises.

The event was held at the Plateau Hall, PCP Club in Ganpat Rao Kadam Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai. Under the direction of Maharshi Mehta, CIH, CSP. Participants earned continuing education credits 3.2 CEUs (IACET), 5.0 FIH CM Points (ABIH), and 3.2 COCs (BCSP).

As one of four instructors, Ed focused again on presenting “Measurement of Hazardous Substances.”

Once completed, participants should be able to identify chemical exposures during various industrial processes; understand the approach to occupational chemical health risk assessment; develop appropriate expose strategy.

Participants should also be able to select standard methods and proper equipment to perform industrial hygiene air sampling and interpret air monitoring results and be able to make informed decisions.

Dr. Jas Sing, of Golder Associates and Mr. Maharshi Metha of ISS approached Ed at the AIHCe in Denver this past May after learning of Galson’s interest in learning more about the overseas IH market. Both men were in the process of setting up their courses and offered Ed a chance to participate as an instructor. With his almost 30 years of experience in the IH field, having been an instructor in many PDC’s and workshops, and his willingness to travel, Ed was a perfect fit for them.

“As Galson Laboratories continues to grow globally, I anticipate doing more internationally-based instructional presentations,” said Stuber. “We are able to pass along the valuable insights we gain from these presentations to all our clients, especially our international ones.”

While Ed would label his trips overseas as successful, this is just the beginning. He has been invited to speak at the 2011 China International Occupational Safety and Health Exhibition (COSH), and there is one thing he would stay away from there, Durian Fruit.

According to Wikipedia, Durian is known and revered in Southeast Asia as the "king of fruits", the durian is distinctive for its large size, unique odor, and formidable thorn-covered husk. According to Ed, it’s not something you want to experience more than once!

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