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Galson Laboratories Experiences Unprecedented Growth in 2010

2011 looks to be a year of growth

By Joe Unangst

2010 was an incredible year for us at Galson Laboratories. After coming through the recession of 2008/09 without a scratch, we were poised to grow in 2010 with newly renovated laboratories and our international accreditation. We never expected that our expanded lab space would be needed as quickly as it was. In April, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico created a challenge for us to meet a large sample load with extremely short turnaround times, while maintaining the flow of work from all of our other clients and new clients. We added $1.5 million in new instrumentation and internal infrastructure to meet the needs of the Gulf and further position ourselves for growth.

We’ve enjoyed great loyalty from all of our clients and I wanted to briefly share with you our initiatives for 2011. Your partnership and support over the years has contributed to our success. Perhaps you’ll find an area in our 2011 initiatives that can be beneficial for both of us!

Website Launch at AIHCE

We will be launching a new website in May at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition. We have always received great reviews on our current website, but technology is improving so quickly, we know we have to keep investing in the interconnectivity we have with you. We are working on mobile applications and language enhancements for our international clients. We are improving our sampling and analysis guide and making the site capable of being tailored to your personal needs. I can’t give away all of the features, so look for it in May!

More Options for You

We have added five new GCMS instruments to expand our capabilities and your options for sampling. We now have 6-liter SUMMA canisters available to complement our 400-cc and 1-liter options. If you need the thermal desorption option using multi-media sampling tubes we have added that as well. We want to expand our ambient air testing services across the US and internationally by providing the complete range of analyses.

We will continue to incorporate Radiello™ passive monitors to provide more options for passive sampling for you. These badges are widely used in the EU and give excellent performance on a wide range of compounds.

We are planning on improving our LEED Kit option as it becomes the standard for the industry and we’re looking at other industry-focused sampling kits to make the collection of data for monitoring exposures simple and cost effective. Look for more kits in the near future and if you have an idea where you could use a specific kit—let us know and we'll work on putting it together!

Expanding our Reach

This year we plan to place two additional business development managers in regional offices. We have already added Bill Walsh, CIH in the Midwest region to service clients more closely and help new clients with analytical challenges. We will add another manager in the South region in February, based in Houston, Texas. If you are a client in these regions, you can expect to see us at your door, at a local meeting or at a ball game!

By mid-year, we expect to be looking for a business development manager in the West to complement our San Francisco area client service center. If you know of a great person that would fit this role, please let them know about us, we would be grateful for the good word.

Quality Comes First

Of course, you always expect quality from your accredited lab. We won’t stop there. We have a strong focus on continuously improving our processes on top of our continued compliance with ISO 17025. We intend to use root cause analysis exhaustively to get to any problems we identify or even near-problems we can uncover. Our focus on error reduction and process efficiency will provide you with the most hassle-free service most efficiently. And you know we always guarantee it or you don’t pay!

Did You Know?

It seems to be a best kept secret to our clients, but we actually rent safety and hygiene monitoring instruments. It’s the only thing we rent—so we’re really focused on making it an exceptional experience for our hygiene, health and safety clients. We want to get the word out on this service and show you how cost-effective it can be to leave the buying, maintaining and calibrating to us. We have an initiative to open another hygiene rental location in Houston this year to service the Gulf Coast region. We hope you’ll spread the word or give us a try on your next rental.

We’re looking forward to another year of serving you as we continue to grow!

About Galson Laboratories

Galson Laboratories provides services in every state and 38 countries. Galson Laboratories works under the principles of continuous improvement and has developed industry-leading programs for its clients such as FreePumpLoan™ and FreeSamplingBadge™. Galson Laboratories is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by AIHA. AIHA is an official signatory of the Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) with the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC). Headquartered in Syracuse, NY, Galson Laboratories has offices in Charleston, SC, Alameda, CA, Clear Lake Shores, TX, and Stevens Point, WI.

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