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Monday, February 18th, 2002

Galson Laboratories Devotes Entire Effort to Air Analysis; Exits Soil, Water and Waste Lab Business

East Syracuse, NY - Galson Laboratories, a full-service, AIHA-accredited industrial hygiene laboratory, recently announced that it had ceased environmental analysis of soil, water, and hazardous waste to devote its full efforts and entire laboratory to air analysis.

"This total focus on air analysis," according to company president Joe Unangst, "allows us to offer an unsurpassed concentration of professional talent, experience and laboratory resources specifically to those requiring industrial hygiene air analysis."

To this end, Galson has expanded the floor space of its industrial hygiene laboratory by 30 percent and, according to Unangst, will continue to grow as the company expands into space formally used for environmental analysis. Galson will also expand its analytical capacity by converting equipment formerly used for environmental analysis for use in industrial hygiene air applications.

"This move makes us significantly more valuable to our customers," Unangst said. "We are now smarter and better problem solvers in one specific discipline - air. And we're the largest analytical laboratory in the world dedicated solely to air analysis. We're equipped to handle the smallest and the biggest jobs."

During the last five years, Galson Laboratories has become known as an industry innovator by providing free sampling pumps and media with its FreePumpLoan™ program, guaranteed "five-days or free" turnaround on analysis, and a unique media and sample notification system called NotiFive™. In addition, the company offers analysis using technological innovations such as IsoChek®, a sampling system for airborne isocyanate detection and also sampling for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) using GC/MS on MiniCans.

Galson Laboratories is headquartered in East Syracuse, NY. For more information on Galson Laboratories and other services call toll-free, (888) 432-LABS, e-mail, or visit

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