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Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005

Galson Conquers Clients' Cost Problem With Innovative FreeSamplingBadges™ Program

SYRACUSE, NY—Galson Laboratories, a full-service, fully accredited industrial hygiene laboratory, has dramatically transformed passive air monitoring for its clients by offering free air sampling badges. With the introduction of its exciting new FreeSamplingBadges™ program, Galson removes the final barrier for some of its clients—cost—so that they can take advantage of the most convenient sampling method available.

While the industry standard is around $10-$12 dollars per badge, Galson is the first to offer them for free, when the client pays for analysis. Sampling badges offer a number of advantages for air-sampling clients: they have no batteries, tubes or noise like traditional pumps, require no training, are virtually weightless—a big advantage to wearers, who prefer them over the much heavier and more cumbersome pumps, and to clients, because they’re 70-80 percent cheaper to ship; suffer no mechanical breakdowns, and OSHA accepts badges as a sampling option when validated for specific compounds. (Many common volatile organics have been validated on badges.)


"Clients no longer have a reason not to choose badges," said Joe Unangst, Galson Laboratories president. "This is a huge plus for our clients who have resisted badges because of their cost. Workers involved in a sampling event really prefer wearing badges to pumps, and the people who set up the events like them because it takes about 80 percent less time to set up the sampling event. Of course, badges aren’t appropriate for every single sampling event, and we work very closely with our clients to determine (and then provide) their best and most cost-effective option for sampling. We still offer, for example, FreePumpLoan™, for active sampling events."

The badges are made by Assay Technology, the foremost developer and manufacturer of sampling badges, and 3M Company - a long-time producer of quality organic vapor monitors. In addition to less bulk and the absence of recharging issues (they require no batteries), the FreeSamplingBadges from Galson offer a number of other advantages, including:

  • a variety of sampling rates (lower rate eliminates evaporative loss; higher rates allow STEL sampling)
  • lower detection limits (background levels are almost non-existent)
  • validation for organic vapors, aldehydes, ethylene oxide, ozone, ammonia, mercury
  • one-call convenience

FreeSamplingBadges is Galson’s newest industry-leading innovation. In recent years, it’s had a number of industry firsts, including FreePumpLoan™, NotiFive (a shipment tracking tool for clients), Five Days or Free air analysis, IHLive, its real-time client-service web-based interface, and the Galson Rentalliance™, its groundbreaking, client-friendly entry into health and safety monitoring equipment rental.

Galson Laboratories, now in its 35th year of innovative service to great clients, is headquartered in East Syracuse, N.Y. with offices in Richmond, VA, Charleston, SC and Hayward, CA. For more information call toll-free, (888) 432-5227, e-mail or visit

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