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Friday, May 30th, 2008

Galson Laboratories Unveils "The Wizard", A Web-Based Knowledge Resource

Syracuse, NY - Galson Laboratories, a full-service, fully accredited industrial hygiene laboratory, has created an informational tool for its clients with the introduction of The Wizard, the latest entry in the Galson Solutions Network. The Wizard is a comprehensive, web-based tool that Galson clients can use to easily develop an air-sampling plan simply by entering either an exposure hazard or method of their choice. The Wizard then gives the client the most appropriate and most economical techniques, and suggests the media, estimates the costs, provides a library of technical data, and gives the client the option to order all of it online.

"The Wizard was significant undertaking, but because it will be of tremendous value to our clients, we feel it's been well worth it," said Joe Unangst, president of Galson Laboratories. "Now, our clients will have instant, 24-hour access to a vast body of highly technical knowledge that will help them set up a sampling event successfully and at the lowest cost, and they can order everything they need online."

The Galson Solutions Network is a network of Galson's educational and informational resources to help clients meet their air monitoring challenges, of which The Wizard is a key component. "The Wizard will continue to evolve and improve with the help of feedback from our clients" said Unangst. "We look forward to continuing upgrading The Wizard to insure that it meets the needs of our clients."

The Wizard is the latest industry-leading innovation from Galson, which also recently introduced free instructional videos for its clients, in addition to its other industry-leading programs: FreePumpLoan, FreeSamplingBadges, NotiFive (a shipment tracking tool for clients), Five Days or Free air analysis and IHLive, its real-time client-service web-based interface.

Galson Laboratories, now in its 38th year of innovative service to its clients, is headquartered in East Syracuse, NY with offices in Richmond, VA, Charleston, SC, Alameda, CA and Clear Lake Shores, TX. For more information call toll-free, (888) 432-5227, e-mail , or visit

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