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Monday, November 11th, 2002

Galson Laboratories Receives License to Perform PCR Mold Detection

East Syracuse, NY - Galson Laboratories, a full service accredited AIHA laboratory, recently became the sixth laboratory in the US to be licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for real-time PCR analysis, a DNA-based mold and fungi detection technology.

The Polymerase Chain Reaction or PCR-based technique detects mold and fungi significantly faster -- in hours instead of weeks --, to the species level and with exceptional accuracy compared to previous methods.

"Adding PCR technology to our microbiology analysis capabilities will make us a national leader in the growing mold detection market," Galson Laboratories president Joe Unangst said.

Concurrent with the announcement of the EPA license for PCR analysis, Galson was awarded a $50,000 grant by the New York Indoor Environmental Quality Center (NYIEQ) to support the company's PCR analysis efforts. NYIEQ is an independent not-for-profit corporation that pursues collaborative research and economic development projects related to indoor environmental quality (IEQ) issues.

The grant will contribute to adding as many as 20 new scientists to Galson's staff. The company recently hired Dr. Richard Kopp, who has over seven years experience with PCR and other molecular biology techniques, to head up its development of PCR based services.

Galson Laboratories is headquartered in East Syracuse, NY with offices in Richmond, VA, Charleston, SC and Hayward, CA. For more information on Galson Laboratories and other services call toll-free, (888) 432-LABS, e-mail, or visit

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