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CIP - Continuous Improvement Process

Continuous Improvement Process in Business and Everyday Life

           Wikipedia defines a Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) as an ongoing effort to improve products, services, or processes. W. Edwards Deming, a pioneer of the field, saw it as part of the ‘system’ whereby feedback from the process and customer were evaluated against organizational goals.

At first, the idea seems rudimentary, but the more you understand it and use it, it actually becomes fun. It becomes an idea – a mantra- something we all strive to do – and do well.

CIP is used throughout Galson every day to seek out incremental steps to identify, reduce, and eliminate inefficient or ineffective processes. A good example of this was several client surveys we received asking for better instructions on equipment/instrument usage and sampling techniques. Several CIP meetings later with many Galson team members, we launched our instructional video gallery. The feedback from our clients was instrumental in getting this done. By listening to and fulfilling their needs we are able to better serve them.

However, CIP isn’t just for business situations anymore. It can be applied to almost any process to see how you can improve it. Try it with gardening, household chores, or any task around the house. You will be amazed at how well it works.

For me, especially during the winter months, here in Syracuse, NY, it is important that I back my vehicle into the driveway each evening. This allows me a much better view when pulling out in the morning when I am not as alert and not at my best (not really a morning person until after my second cup of coffee). I have recently noticed that I have been frequently forgetting to close the garage door when leaving in the morning, leaving my house wide open to anyone. This is certainly a problem and has created an inefficient process if I have to return home to ensure the garage door is closed.

So, let’s apply CIP.

I have discovered that I forget to close the garage door because I am facing away from it when I leave. However, pulling straight into the driveway does not allow me the safest path when leaving in the morning, so this may not be the corrective action I need to implement. Further analysis, has shown that attaching my garage door opener to my key chain and implementing a new process of closing the door each time I walk through it, may be more effective. I will implement this immediately and continue to track my progress to ensure I have implemented the proper solution. Thank you CIP!

So we have an fun assignment/contest for you Galsonites, identify one thing in your work or home life that CIP can be applied to. To enter the contest you must:

  1. Like our Facebook page

  2. Submit your suggestion to the Blog thread when we post

  3. The winner will be announced in a week and will receive a t-shirt!



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