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New Tool for your IH tool Box



Good news from OSHA!  OSHA has launched a new online tool to aid compliance with the agency’s Cadmium Standard (CFR 1910.1027). Available at , the cadmium Biological Monitoring Advisor is intended mainly for use by medical professionals who assess worker’s exposure to cadmium. In simple layman’s terms, the new tool analyzes biological monitoring results provided by the user or worker. These results, along with responses to a series of questions, are used to determine the biological monitoring and medical surveillance requirements that must be met under the standard.


It is estimated that each year 300,000 US workers are exposed to cadmium. Short –term exposure to the soft silver-white metal can cause weakness, fever, headaches, chills, and muscular pain. Chronic or long term exposure to cadmium can cause kidney damage, lung cancer and prostate cancer in men. 

Cadmium is found in the following consumer products:

-          Batteries

-          Pigments

-          Metal Coatings

-          Plastics

-          Some metal alloys

-          Fertilizers

-          Cigarettes


For more information regarding the risk factors, symptoms, and diagnosis steps taken for cadmium exposure read here is a paper from the NYU Langone Medical Center.

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