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Isocyanate Detection: Isochek Sampling System

NOW, airborne isocyanate detection is FAST and EASY with ISO-CHEK® and Galson Laboratories

New! Galson introduces ISO-CHEK® for fast, reliable isocyanates sampling.

The ISO-CHEK sampling system has revolutionized airborne isocyanate detection with its incredibly easy sample collection method. With its 15-minute sampling time and unprecedented media stability (requiring no special handling or refrigeration), ISO-CHEK allows the most precise results ever for isocyanate detection.

Galson Laboratories is proud to offer this breakthrough in speed and simplicity to our customers. Galson is one of only 11 labs WORLDWIDE to accept samples for ISO-CHEK analysis.

How The ISO-CHEK® works - for you

ISO-CHEK®'s unique, two-stage filter system provides the complete separation of the vapor (monomer) and aerosol (oligomer) at the collection point, allowing for a derivatizing reagent that's stable for 10 months. This means that the days of clumsy, burdensome isocyanate sample collection, extreme precautions and refrigeration to preserve easily degrading samples and reagents, and unreliable analysis are gone.

There's no special sample preparation needed. All you do is collect them and send them to us. No special handling is required.

Galson is ISO-CHEK ready to analyze the following isocyanates for you: 2,4-TDI, 2,6-TDI, HDI, MDI and IPDI. (Note: the quantitation limit for ISO-CHEK is: <0.3 ppb for 2,4-TDI, 2,6-TDI, MDI, 1,6-HDI, IPDI, HMDI monomer; <1μg/m3 for 1,6 HDI and MDI oligomers.)

Get it now, from Galson

Galson has ISO-CHEK® isocyanate-sampling kits available now, complete with sampling cassettes, derivatizing reagent, tweezers, sealing tape, special shipping boxes and an instruction sheet.

To get yours, just call one of our client service representatives at (888) 432-LABS (5227).

And ask about our other super-convenient programs developed to serve our customers faster and easier:

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  • 5 Days or Free - featuring results in 5 days or you pay nothing
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