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Instructional Video Gallery

Galson Laboratories is quickly becoming the global leader in providing hygiene, health and safety monitoring solutions. To assist with your sampling needs Galson provides free instructional videos for the industrial hygiene and safety professional. Until now there were few videos available to the health, safety and environmental.

Our videos were designed to help the health, safety and environmental professional for instruction on sampling for chemical, physical and biological hazards in the workplace. We saw the need and have determined to fill it with the highest quality video instruction.

Our selection of 76 titles includes exclusive videos to help you learn how to prepare for and collect active and passive samples. In addition, nearly 30 of these titles provide the step-by-step details needed to operate state-of-the-art monitoring instruments available through our equipment rental program. These videos will be a great benefit for someone new to the subject or the seasoned veteran in need of a refresher. Please sit back, learn and enjoy.

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