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Sampling + Analysis


Galson, through its innovative FreeSamplingBadges™ program, offers a number of sampling badges at no cost to you provided that samples are returned to Galson and analyzed at fee schedule pricing. All you pay for is the analysis; we even ship to you at no charge via UPS ground. Badges that qualify under this innovative program are: 3M 3500, 3M 3520 ($5 Charge), Assay Ammonia, Assay Formaldehyde/Aldeydes, Assay Ozone, SKC Mercury Vapor and SKC UMEX (Formalehyde).

The ADVANTAGES of FreeSamplingBadges™ by Galson

  • All badges listed above are FREE provided that Galson performs the analysis (If you order the 3M 3520 badge w/backup, there is a $5 per badge charge.)
  • FREE shipping to you (UPS ground)
  • Lightweight
  • Reduces your return shipping costs 60-70%
  • Noiseless
  • Tubeless
  • No power required
  • Much less cumbersome than pumps
  • Require 80% less setup time
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA accuracy and precision criteria with validation on 90% of most common compounds
  • Come in a variety of sampling rates
  • Have a 0% failure rate
  • Made by leading badge makers 3M, SKC and Assay Technology

How To Order...

To sign-up for this program, please print, sign and return by fax the Rental, Pump Loan, Free Badge Agreement . Please make sure you add your initials next to any of the programs that you wish to participate in. Then contact our client service representatives at (888) 432-LABS (5227) and we'll ship you fully serviced air sampling pumps, media and a pump calibrator all in one convenient package. Then, collect your samples, send them to us, and we'll analyze them at our current fee schedule prices.

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