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Sampling + Analysis

Hydrofracking Testing

Hydraulic Fracturing is used across the country to tap previously unreachable oil and natural gas locked within deep rock formations. It involves the injection of water, silica sand, and small amounts of chemicals into wells so that oil and/or natural gas can flow out of the well. A 2010 study by NIOSH found there are worker exposures that need to be managed during this process. In 2012 OSHA/NIOSH published a Hazard Alert on ensuring workers in hydraulic fracturing operations have appropriate protection from silica exposure.

One of your first steps to determine if there are exposure issues is to perform personal air monitoring.

The current data indicate the following issues have the potential of being exposurehazards during Hydraulic Fracturing, and can be analyzed using the Basic Kit:

• Respirable Dust

• Silica Quartz

• Volatile Organic Compounds – Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, Xylene (BTEX)

• Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)

• Noise

Optional/Additional Potential Hazards:

• Diesel Particulate

• Acid Gases (HCl)

• Aldehydes – such as glutaraldehyde

• Metals – such as lead

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Q: Can I customize the kit?
A: Yes. The kit can be customized in order to specifically match your requirements.

Q: Do I need to download the data from the particulate and CO monitors?
A: No, Galson will download this data for you and include it in the final report with the analytical results.

Q: How many samples do I need to take?
A: This will depend on your operation. It is generally recommended to sample someone in each job classification with a potential exposure.

Q: How much do the kits cost?
A: Please contact Galson client services for a quote that addresses your specific needs via IH Online Chat or by calling 888-432-5227.

Q: Is shipping included in the kit price?
A: Yes, 2nd day shipping, both to your location and back to Galson Laboratories, is included in the price.

Q: Are there instructions including for use and sampling ease?
A: Yes, you'll receive printed instructions including kit pictures and a video.

Q: Do I need to download the data?
A: No, Galson will download this data for you and include it in the final report.

Q: Is the report easy to understand?
A: Yes, your report will provide easy reference to the OSHA PEL calculated for each silica sample.

Q: Do I need to do Total Dust as well as Respirable Dust testing or is Respirable dust enough to satisfy OSHA? Thanks!
A: Only respirable dust is required for OSHA but the percentage silica content of the respirable dust also needs to be determined.

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